Packing Lists

These lists are written as guidelines for various seasons and distances, based on our experience. There's no hard & fast list of rules to follow while dressing yourself to go outside, but we've found these helpful, and wanted to share.

You'll find that we like to break our packing list into three separate lists. One for what you should pack into a backpack to bring on the trails, one of all the clothing items you should wear, and one of items to leave in a bag in the car. (We like lists.)

Packing Recommendations

When we started out hiking, we didn't have any gear. In fact, most of the clothing we wore on our first hikes were items we picked up at Goodwill thrift stores, or found buried deep in the back of our closets. We figured that as long as we were warm enough, hydrated enough, and dry enough; our gear didn't need to be expensive or flashy. And for the most part, we were right. By following simple, basic rules, packing for a hiking trip is actually pretty easy.