AWC x NEM North Cascades

In August of 2017, Alpine Women Collective set out for it's first destination-style retreat. We flew from Boston to Seattle, and made our way to North Cascades National Park. A group of 14 women were getting acquainted with one another while our journey unfolded. Some best-friendships had formed before we even got to our first campsite.

We embarked on three different hikes, each one a bit higher and longer than the one before it. Every day we wound up tired, dirty, and overwhelmingly happy to be in the company of the crew before retiring to our tents. Everyone ended up with a hilariously suited trail name and hundreds of stunningly scenic photos.

The trails challenged us just enough to feel outrageously rewarding when we hit the summits. Pristine wilderness, wildlife, and a ringing sense for adventure carried us through the trip, and through both challenging our bodies, and leaning on each other, the hikes brought us together. Back at camp we told stories and laughed our faces off. Most of us had met for the first time at the Logan airport, but it felt like we'd all been friends for years.

AWC x NEM North Cascades is a lot about the mountains, but by the end, it's even more about the relationships and the campfire chats, the sore legs, and the journey shared. 'Till next time, North Cascades!  Thanks Northeast Mountaineering for making it possible!