The Maine Highlands Camping Trip - Greenville, ME

Our most recent adventure was a smile-filled 3-day camping and hiking trip planned and sponsored by The Maine Highlands. The trip started in Old Town where we boarded a  charter bus. On our trip to Greenville, we all unpacked epic goodie bags gifted to us by our incredible hosts, Angie and Melanie of The Maine Highlands. When we arrived at Leisure Life Campground, we were all in awe of the scenery from our campsite. We were greeted by the kind owners and two of the happiest golden retrievers, unloaded our gear, set up camp, and crafted our own wooded paradise that we called "hammock city."

After a few hours of camp-lounging, we hopped on the bus again and headed to DKB Catering in Greenville. We could smell a home-cooked meal happening as soon as we stepped off the bus. We met the founder and chef Diane, enjoyed appetizers on the deck, and cracked into some delicious Kennebec River Brewery craft beer. Dinner was absolutely delicious, and we finished the night with dessert around the fire, and watched a stunning sunset over Moosehead lake.

On day 2 we were joined by Samantha, a Greenville local and owner of the well-known Tomhegan Wilderness Camps on Moosehead Lake. We took a short but gorgeous boat trip to the island where Mt. Kineo is positioned between miles of Moosehead Lake. Our hike to the summit was nonstop views of the unique and beautiful scenery. At the top, we all climbed the fire tower and took in the views (and the best granola bars we've collectively ever had, thanks to DKB Catering). Spirits were soaring. The rest of our day was full of relaxing, exploring, conversation around the fire, throwing sticks for dogs, and getting to know each other. The group was buzzing with positivity and contentedness.

Day 3 was a no-brainer change in plans. We were scheduled to hike Borestone Mountain as our second peak in the Moosehead Pinnacle Pursuit hiking challenge, but we woke up to a wet downpour. Knowing the rocky and slick trail conditions on Borestone Mountain, we called it, packed our wet gear into the bus and re-set our sights on a hot, diner breakfast. One Yelp search away was Auntie M's Diner, the perfect place to fuel up, watch the rain pour, and conclude our trip.

Almost all of the Alpine Women Collective babes that joined us on this trip had never been to The Maine Highlands before, but all of us were already making plans to return, and complete the 6-peak Pinnacle Pursuit. We were so happy to get a new perspective on the state of Maine, discover the endless things to do and accommodations that the area offers, and share the sheer joy that comes from doing simple things outside with like-minded friends.

Thank you to The Maine Highlands for sharing this incredible adventure with us!