Mount Pierce - NH

The Alpine Women Collective hike of Mt. Pierce made for an unforgettable day in the autumn-colored White Mountains. Twenty-seven of us made our way to the trailhead early Sunday morning where we handed out and raffled off gifts from our generous sponsor, Baxter Brewing. After meeting one another, double-checking the map, and bundling up, we hit the trails. The gradual climb, positive conversation, hungry grey jays, and stops along the way made the ascent fly by. At the top, we welcomed first-timers into the NH 4,000-footer club, celebrated a thirty-first birthday, saw a rainbow, and took in unbelievable views of neighboring Mt. Eisenhower and the cloud-dusted Presidential Range. By the time we made it back to the trailhead new friendships didn’t feel new, and we wished it wasn’t over. Thanks to all of you who joined us on Mt. Pierce yesterday, and, shoutout to the babes who didn’t stop at Pierce, and bagged Mt. Eisenhower, too! We’re looking forward to a lot more of that this winter.  Thanks to Baxter Brewing for sponsoring our hike!