We're Cait Bourgault and Sarah McLean. Best friends. Cait, a photographer, Sarah a graphic designer. We came together a few years ago and started hiking the New Hampshire 48 4,000 Footers together. We quickly discovered our shared passion for those weekend adventures. That passion is what's got us itching to show our friends, family, and fellow wanderlusting women the excitement we've found in the mountains. Hiking has made us happier, stronger, better women, and we think it's worth sharing.

Why the fee?

We charge a small fee for our hikes for a number of reasons. Firstly, a lot of work goes into planning and coordinating these events! Aside from offering an experience that we feel is unique and valuable, we also find that without the fee, our hikes tend to fill up within hours of being posted, and then come hike day, folks often back out, leaving spaces unfilled when there are hikers who would have loved to have joined us. The fee helps discourage backing out without at least returning the ticket, allowing a hiker from the waitlist to come along instead. Additionally, our co-owner and guide, Cait is Wilderness First Responder certified which we feel is an important added value, well worth the fee.